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Marc Fischers World of Silkmoths

Ständig neue Angebote von Eiern und Kokons/Puppen tropischer Schmetterlinge.
Darüber hinaus werden qualitativ hochwertige Zucht- und Flugkästen angeboten.

The purpose of this private site of Clark Thompson is to provide a meeting place for entomologists, insect collectors, insect hobbyists and craftspeople, traders, and dealers.


The Insect Classifieds. Classified ads for insect specimen traders. Users who want to place ads will get their own Classifieds user account. Accounts are not required to view or reply to ads. All ads must be approved by the administrator before they appear.

The Insect Mall
. Insect-related online shopping and services.

Entomology Auctions. Probably the only full-featured entomology auction site on the Web. The categories are custom designed for us insect traders so your auction listings won't get buried among unrelated trinkets like they would on eBay. Entomology Auctions are free of charge to register, browse, sell, or bid.

Discussion Forum. The Forum section is a bulletin board for participants to post topics for discussion related to entomology or insect trading.

Suppliers & Traders Directory. The Suppliers & Traders Directory is an alphabetical listing of entomology suppliers, specimen traders, private collectors, craftspeople and artists from around the world.

Link Library. The links section contains articles and links of interest to insect collectors and hobbyists.

Photo albums and various downloadable files and some online streaming videos that are of interest to insect collectors.

Some years ago InsectNet was the most active market place for insect breeders and collectors.
Today ACTIAS surpassed this site counting 5000 members and more than 27 contributions per day.