Terms of use for the ACTIAS Gallery

[As of: 10.03.2021]

Dear ACTIAS community

the topic of "posting pictures" in the ACTIAS Gallery has been on our minds for a while. Already 2-3 years ago and with Rudi's notice of April 2020, we tried with various guidelines in respect to the informative content to give the posted pictures a certain value and quality. Unfortunately, this was only of limited success and involved a considerable amount of time on the part of the ACTIAS team in order to supplement what was missing.

In the context of the current dissolution of the old "General Folder" with its originally more than 42,000 images, which takes a lot of time but is unavoidable, I have decided to clean up, i.e. also delete these images before they are moved to the new categories.

Pictures that are already in the new categories (as of the beginning of March 2021) are not affected, as most of them have already been reviewed, moved and corrected by us.

In general, we are happy about every informative and well-made photo that finds its way into the ACTIAS gallery so that we can enjoy it, and which lets us be part of the work of our colleagues. In order to be in dialogue with each other and to provide information, pictures are an adequate means - a picture says more than a thousand words. This is the main idea of the ACTIAS gallery.

Since, unfortunately, the majority of the pictures still do not conform to what we would like to see on ACTIAS, the existing guidelines will be updated with further rules and distributed to all users of ACTIAS by collective e-mail as well as being made available on the start page via link to the main text.

General gallery rules

Pictures can only be uploaded to the gallery if at least one album has been created/exists in which the picture can be put into and if a category folder has been selected for public presentation, preferably the correct one.

Pictures showing one and the same animal should have been taken from different perspectives/angles in order to give different information about the animal.

ACTIAS is an insect forum. This means that all off-topic pictures as well as off-topic comments in the gallery are not welcome and will be deleted. For these pictures, ACTIAS offers the possibility to post them in forums such as the "Chat Room", under "Travel" or "Collecting and Taxidermy" and provide appropriate information.

Only the market place on ACTIAS is intended for trading animals and plants. References to trade are not allowed in the gallery and will be deleted.

Identification queries also do not belong in the gallery and are to be posted exclusively in the forum area intended for this purpose. Photos that are obviously uploaded for identification purposes will be deleted from the gallery or moved to an appropriate forum.

A picture uploaded to the gallery may be linked to in the identification request in the corresponding forum.

In which cases will images be deleted?

Images will be deleted without comment if ...

... one or more required pieces of information are not included/missing,

... several pictures obviously show one and the same animal from the same perspective,

... pictures are blurry,

... pictures offer little significance/information content,

... pictures of birds, lizards, and other non-insect species,

... show human body parts such as arms, hands, etc. (exception: if sweat-sucking insects are shown)

... the picture was posted with the intention for identification.

Why are images going to be deleted?

1. Over time, the gallery should reach a level of quality that meets the requirements of a structured gallery.

2. Pictures will be deleted if it would mean too much work to write to every submitter separately for each incorrectly uploaded picture and to ask for additional information.

When will images not be deleted?

1. When images contain all the required information.

2. If a title does not fully correspond to the specified format, the first author is missing or the category has obviously been chosen incorrectly. In these cases, the discrepancies will be resolved by a moderator or admin, if necessary after consultation with the submitter.

Minimum requirements for posting pictures

1. Title of the image: scientific/latin name and stage, if applicable.

For example:

Aglais urticae

or Aglais urticae (LINNAUES, 1758)

or Aglais urticae, L1 caterpillar

No further additional information!

2. Description of the picture: Name (scientific and if desired English/German) Stage, origin or place of recording, date of recording.


Name: Aglais urticae or Aglais urticae / small tortoiseshell.

Stage: (egg, caterpillar, pupa)

Origin: England, Kent, Canterbury area

Recording location/date: Canterbury, 12.03.2021

Exceptions to the specification of the location/recording site: If protected or rare species are shown.

The location of the photograph should be given as precisely as possible. As a minimum, the country and a nearby town should be given. The size as well as the actual distance of the town can be chosen at one's own discretion and may be chosen generously in the case of localities that are not to be made public. Example: South of Stuttgart, instead of Tübingen.

3. further information on the picture (optional)

  • Information on breeding/breeding conditions

  • Information on habitat/biotope

  • Information on the host plant, e.g.

Stinging nettle or Urtica dioica

Technical details on photographical methods used

Individual explanatory text

Supplementary information in the context of uploading images

In addition to the purely picture-related information, the input mask for the pictures offers a number of other input fields. Filling in these fields adds further information to the picture, which gives the viewer supplementary information about the picture. Examples are:

- Activation of the map by entering the location in the map input field.

- Input of tags, independent of the title, e.g. the associated family, country of origin, etc.

The new Gallery Terms of Use are available in the following languages, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian.

Thank you for your trust and consideration of the new rules.

Your ACTIAS team

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