Question about butterflies in shipping transit

  • Hi!

    I don’t know if I put this thread in the right place but as you might know, post offices are being overrun with parcels and mail.

    24 days ago a package of mine was shipped from the UK. It has tropical butterfly pupae in it ex: Caligo, Morpho, and others, and it’s still not here yet.

    Since the temperatures are cold right now, could the pupae still be alive? Would the cool temperature slow down the development enough to last 24+ days?

    The tracking number says it might arrive in a day or 2.

    If anyone has any info that would be appreciated.


  • A big risk for the animals, even during normal times, few take the risk to ship butterfly stock overseas, unless it's


    In all honesty, I'm surprised at the seller agreeing to do this, in my opinion, it's not ethical. You can always hope,

    but I doubt you'll receive anything alive. On the other hand, if they arrive alive, it'd be interesting to know, but the

    time spent in transit, and the colder temperatures, which are not normal for tropicals are all against you.

    Take care with importing non-natives, a lot of us do it, and I do it as well, but it's important to use a shipping method

    that doesn't raise attention, I always use standard shipping and all goes well, which is why right now with the

    shipping situation, choices have become limited.

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