Antherina suraka Raupen Verhalten

  • Hello Kevink! Yes please tell us in detail! Thank you!

    Here you go- this was given to me a couple years ago by a breeder who swears by it, he raises indoors

    Only, and claims the following- "I've never lost a larva to disease, I've invigorated weak stock by eliminating

    sub-lethal infections sometimes attributed to inbreeding"

    The proportions of the aqueous mixture, (and you'll need to forgive we Americans who mix Imperial and metric

    measurements) 500ppm, this translates, for me ,to 1 gallon water, 100ml of Oxine, and 2 teaspoons citric acid as a catalyst,

    this, sprayed in a fine mist on leaves, you want to prevent large droplets that will trigger a drinking response,

    because it will give the larva the runs, but is completely safe, Oxine is approved for use in Animal breeding

    facilities, it can also be sprayed on ova to prevent transmission from the female of pathogens. You need a

    Good spray bottle, I have a brown glass spray bottle used for aromatic oils.

    For branch water, the dilution is 5 ppm, I translate this as 1/2 ounce of the 500 ppm solution in one quart of

    water, with about 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid.

    That's pretty much it, I have a stack of email from the breeder who was very patient and recommended the

    correct type spray bottle, he actually uses an industrial type fogger, but they're expensive, and the storage

    container for any mixture you might mix up- a brown plastic jug, the brown color to prevent breakdown

    from light. Glass would be suitable as well.

    I saved sick Hyalophora euryalus larva using the spray, larva from a batch that had the black fluid seeping

    from the mouth, some larva expired, but that was because they were already sick, I reached out for help

    that season, and was given the instructions, if I'd begun with the method, I assume I'd have had no losses.

    In support of this claim, I had sold the breeder euryalus ova, he had no losses, my larva developed the

    sickness, all ova from the same wild caught female.

    I.know another person who uses antibiotics, a powder that is used in chicken farming I think. but it's

    a medication and to prevent people from using it themselves, isn't easy to get. In the old days, we could buy

    penicillin at the pet shop, but not anymore.

    I.don't know about the EU and any regulations, concerning Oxine, but I bought everything from Amazon,

    all relatively inexpensive items.

    If anything is unclear, ask me, and if anyone tries this, pass it along if it works.

  • Hey Kevink! Thanks a lot for that. I have good method too to clean out the containers and gently spray on the larvae and caterpillars. It is natural and you can get it at the pharmarcy. It is called colloidal Silver. That works very well I use it for myselve and all my pets. It kills every bacteria and virus 99% (so I was told) you can buy 25ppm that works well. My pets are as healthy as me. I use it 5 years now and I never have been sick. I gave it to my sick rabbit it works like antibiotica. The rabbit got well after 2 days without a vet and is still healthy. I used it for a caterpillar that was sick and it workt too. The caterpillar developed normal and a beautiful Samia Ricini hatched. I spray it into the containers and after 5 Minutes I shower them. This method is used by nature medicine practicing vets too. So thank you very much my friend! Happy Eastern! ??

  • Hallo ihr Lieben! Jetzt nochmal auf Deutsch. Das Spray das Kevink meint ist , denke ich , ein antibiotisch wirkendes,pharmazeutisches Spray. Da fiel mir etwas ein das ich vor Kurzem versucht habe. Ich hatte eine kranke Samia Ricini Raupe. Ich sprühte diese Raupe sanft mit kolloidalem Silber 25ppm (erhältlich günstig bei ebay oder in der Apotheke) ein. Die Raupe hörte auf sich zu erbrechen und am nächsten Tag frass sie wieder. Ich hatte sie separiert und das ganze nochmal wiederholt und den Behälter damit gereinigt und sie entwickelte sich ganz normal weiter, verpuppte sich und ein perfekter Samia Ricini schlüpfte. Ich nutze das Spray zum säubern der Behälter. Ich sprühe den Behälter ein und lasse es 5 Min. einwirken danach spühle ich den Behälter aus. Das kolloidale Silber wirkt antibiotisch und antiseptisch. Ich nehme es selbst seit 5 Jahren wenn ich mich krank fühle. Ich gebe es auch meinen Tieren und es funktioniert immer. Den Tipp bekam ich von meinem Tierarzt der auch Tierheilpraktiker ist. Ein Versuch ist es allemal wert und es ist kein gefährliches, chemisches Gemisch. Ihr könnt das bitte gern googlen: einfach Kolloidales Silber Wirkung und Anwendung eingeben.

  • Sounds like you have something that works, diseases pop up now and then, usually indoors for me, but I've

    had some issues outside as well, I don't use the Oxine with every species, just ones that seem, or have been

    prone to disease.

    My climate is probably to blame for some problems, a cooler coastal climate, problems will show up when

    I try exotics outside, Antherina suraka was one I had a time with, Oregon isn't exactly Madagascar.

  • yes thats true! Germany is not Madagaskar too. We just keep trying our very best to serve these beautiful creatures well and give them what they need with love and much patience. I never give up learning about them? The colloidal Silver is working very well maybe you can try it too. Greetings from Dortmund! Happy Easter??

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