Saturnia pyri hand pairing

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  • It is possible to perform a hand pairing on Saturniidae species. It has been done, whether also with S. pyri I'm unsure. There are circulating pictures of hybrids between S. pyri and S. pavonia/pavoniella, I don't know how they got to be. I kind of doubt that it was achieved through natural pairing, but could also be. Regardless, it isn't easy, requires a lot of patience and practice, and is very hard to teach if you can't show it in real life. With S. pyri I imagine it to be even more difficult since the genitals are very "hidden". They are not notoriously hard to pair, so you should focus on getting them to mate by themselves. What kind of cage are you using and what did you try already? If you have a big enough cage, some ventilation and it isn't too cold, it shouldn't be a problem.

    Greetings Dennis

  • Thank you for your feedback! I kept male and female in a fly 90 cm high and 60 × 60 cm wide. I kept the aviary in the house the first night with an open window but nothing ... after 3-4 days she had laid all most of the eggs. I tried with another couple (not related this time) by placing the aviary on the balcony but nothing and I think it is also the fault of the temperature (lower temperature during the night around 12 degrees). I tried hand paring. first "method": I tried stretching the specimens from the base of the wings and gently rubbing the tip of the abdomen. Both the female and the male evert the genital organs but shake the abdomens without finding a right position. second "method": I apply light pressure to the abdomen of the female to evert the genital organ and rub the tip of the male's abdomen to open the clasper. I insert the organ of the female into that of the male but the problem is that even after several minutes the male does not want to close the "clasper". I tried with various angles of inclination but nothing. (I tried for several minutes for several days. I have already lost 2 females and 4 males. scuami for english but i used google translate.

  • So they laid eggs and you are certain that they are infertile? I mean 12 degrees is a little bit cold, but still... I had them several times and never seen a copula take place. So it is not necessarily easy to say whether pairing them was successful. Usually, they start laying eggs within a day or two if it was.

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