Skin shedding issue with L1 Attacus atlas larvae

  • Hi all.

    I’ve been rearing a group of around 50 Attacus atlas larvae in mostly closed plastic containers with a few air holes. They have been feeding on ligustrum lucidum and doing quite well, except for the fact that almost 40% failed to shed their skins into the second instar. Their head capsules pop off, and that’s pretty much it. They sit in their old skins for a day then die (presumably) due to exhaustion. I understand low moisture can be an issue with this, but they’ve been consistently kept at 80%+ humidity. Does anyone have experience with this happening with other saturniidae?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Maybe humidity is too high. The skin softebes and sticks on them like glue they cannit take it off. I had that oroblems too so I only sprayed gently the footplant and put them on it than I waited 30 Minutes and put them into the box again. Which temerature do you keep them? I got to to 23 Celsius Rom Temerature but some of mine seem to be weak and they fall off the footplants so I widened the Air holes. I keep mine on several ligustrum species but the only like ovalifolium. I would be very pleased for ideas too because I lost 6 now. I dont know why.

    Best wishes


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