Einrichtung Netzkäfig? Pflanzen ja/nein?

  • Ein liebes Hallo!

    Ich habe kaum etwas zu dem Thema gefunden, und wollte mal konkret fragen.

    Wie sollte ein Netzkäfig generell eingerichtet werden? Echte Pflanzen oder Kunstpflanzen als Kletterfläche? Äste oder ähnliches? Bodengrund etc?

    Wie macht ihr das so?

    Auch gern besonders bezogen auf Actias und Argema Arten

    liebe Grüße

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  • Bare bones works. I have some branches on stands I use, and will attach cocoons to it if possible, others, like pupae, get laid

    On paper towels, more often than not, the animals climb up the screen walls after emerging.

    Having empty space becomes more important than a "habitat", like Policeman said, 'they're not pets', and don't

    much appreciate our decorating attempts.

    I keep a temperature and humidity gauge in my screen cages, which I use exclusively, save for one I use for equatorial species

    that is made from plastic panels.

    I will however, use live plants when possible for larva, it makes early stages much easier, although there is always bit more risk bringing soil

    into the closed environment.

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