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    Fair enough Jacob, I wasn't trying to be rude, I did find it funny though but Im sorry.

    Whoever told you that was wrong, Kenya is right at the equator and is one of the hottest countries in Africa by average outside of the Sahel region. The area where these cocoons came from does not experience those types of temperatures, pretty much ever. In Nairobi which is relatively colder, temps might get that low 2-3 times a year in a cold year, if that. Temperatures bellow 10C being unusual and only lasting for a few hours (during the night time). If you kept them in the fridge for months they are most definitely all dead. Sorry for being the carrier of bad news. For future reference, do not use the fridge ever again with Afrotropical species and please make sure you invest in some literature before you spend money with other Afrotropical species. Take your time with learning about the Miombo woodland, the Afromontane rain forest and grasslands, the dry savannas, the plants that occur there, etc.


    No, it isn’t. This species flies from March to June, depending on locality, altitude, temperature, etc.

    Latest in the year I have seen them hatch was in Autumn, I think October maybe (?) and I’ve seen it once or twice only so no pairings.

    I reckon 95%+ of the adults we have reared emerged in April-May, that is out of several batches from different localities over the years.



    Hello! Could anyone here on the forum confirm that this species will take Cinnamomum camphor (camphor tree)? I see that cited as a foodplant in its original habitat but since that is an uncommon species and since throughout much of Europe conditions are too cold for it to grow I haven't seen anyone using it as a food plant. We have a 100+ year old camphor tree in the garden so it would be easy to use just that, it’s evergreen too so that’s a big plus! Thank you so much in advance.