Brahmaea tancrei - Kopula

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Brahmaea tancrei - Kopula

Herkunft: Russland, Jakutien, Inkagirskoje, Ploskogorie???

Siehe Kommentar von Actias- Mitglied "Alex"

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  • Alex -

    Inkagirskoie Ploskogorie? Never heard of such :) There is Yukagirskoie Ploskogorie. Anyway, it's impossible for Brahmaea to be found in Yakutia. It occurs only in the south of Primorie Territory (Primorsky Krai) - Far East of Russia. Near Vladivostok :)

    Apparently, the supplier of ova has reported you the wrong locality data, sorry.

    The moths are gorgeous, anyway! Congrats with the good breeding!