Coscinocera hercules

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Coscinocera hercules
Coscinocera hercules L4 on Prunus laurocerasus

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  • Rudi -

    Thank´s a lot, Jurgen.

  • Stipsi -


  • Jurgen Vanhoudt -

    Some caterpillars were lost, but that was more because of the central heating (they are tolerant for dry air, but not that dry). Laurocerasus is accepted as good as serotine. They also like very well Salix caprea and viminalis and Photinia. Will also accept Cotoneaster. They do less good on Ligustrum.

  • Rudi -

    Hello Jurgen.

    How did Prunus laurocerasus work for hercules?
    Some caterpillars lost?

    Best regards.