Rothschildia sp.

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Rothschildia sp.
Rothschildia sp. L2 and L1 on Prunus serotine
Don't know anything about this one, eggs were send to me as Rothschildia orizaba origin unknown, but think this is something else.

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  • agrias25 -

    Hallo Jurgen ,

    it may be R. cincta , R.lebeau , R. hesperus ..... , many Rothschildia spec looks , in L1,L2 , like these on your picture .

    In L3 and L4 you can they determine more precisely.

    LG Vic

  • Jurgen Vanhoudt -

    yes, I agree, I was thinking of R. lebeau myself

  • kwant -

    Caterpillars of the first and second instar in the genus Rothschildia are very difficult to recognize. It may be R. cincta, or R. lebeau....