Size comparison: Hyalophora cecropia L5 (fully grown?)

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Size comparison: Hyalophora cecropia L5 (fully grown?)
They are smaller than I have assumed, but I'm not really sure how much is missing right know. They are 'only' 9cm long, nevertheless their girth is remarkable.

So I have to be patient. :)

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  • Statler -

    Thanks for your reply. It's Prunus serotina.

    Maybe it's worth trying different host plants; sadly my lodging is indeed very, very warm. 26-27 degrees at the moment.

    My biggest caterpillar (so far) is still eating and something about 11cm would be nice. We'll see.

  • Saturn -

    Seems you feed them with Pear. I once did that myself and they stayed relatively "small" as well. Back then it was very warm as well, maybe this could have been the reson for their size. Some come from moderate climates in canada, e.g. New England or Prince Edward Island. There they are said to get really big. This has been reported by a user here, whose name I do not remember at the moment.