heute geschlüpft - emerged today

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Finding new offers of eggs and cocoons/dolls of tropical butterflies. In addition, high-quality breeding and flight cases are available.

heute geschlüpft - emerged today
Loepa oberthuri ♀

Comments 2

  • Eudicella2000 -

    Hübsch mit den Ringelsöckchen

  • Papilio#indra -

    Hi again Frank and Karola. That is a very nice photo of a very nice saturniid moth. I don't know if you remember but you send me some eggs of this species around May 23 of this year and they arrived 9 days later as hatched and dead caterpillars. So I was very sad that I did not get the opportunity to raise this species. However I did raise several other species this Summer. I pray that all is well with you. Best regards, Wayne