Catocala fulminea - Freiland (male)

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Catocala fulminea - Freiland (male)
Während der promissa nur den Köder besuchte, flogen in der gleichen Nacht ein paar Meter daneben 2 Männchen vom fulminea ans Licht.

Comments 5

  • Robert T -

    Very nice photo; well done!

    • Leo -

      Thanks, that's nice! catocalas aren't really relaxed butterflies, so it's difficult to get them in good position ... I'm sure you know!

    • Robert T -

      Yes I know from experience all too well. It's a nice species and one I have not photographed. Will you be breeding this species again? I would like to photograph it!

      Mein bestes,


    • Leo -

      I'm sorry, but the eggs of fulminea I bought here on Actias. In free nature I only caught males, no female!

  • Helmut Glaßl -

    ganz toll!