Automeris duchartrei?

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Automeris duchartrei?
The following pics show the adult moths of some caterpillars I found in Oxapampa, Peru (600-900m).
One possibility is Automeris duchartrei -but I’m not sure about it.
Wingspan is 64-73mm (males, n=3), 83mm (female, n=1). It can be assumed that adults in the wild will be much bigger.
According to Lemaire (2002) the apex of duchartrei is not or even slighty produced. The postmedial line (pm) is straight, slightly preapical. Am and pm remote each other on the inner margin. In contrast to this description my specimens the wings are elongated, show a produced apex. The pm is concave and ends near the the apex. Pm and am nearly merge at the inner margin. Also, the pm as well as am is bright white scaled instead of brown. Additionally, it seems, the pm line of the hindwings only is proximally bordered with yellow (instead of proximally and distally, respectively).
The specimens also look similar to A. godartii showed in Lemaire (2002). But pm and am of godartii do not merge at the inner margin. I’m not aware of similar species which occur in central Peru and show similar patterns. Have there similar ones been described by Brechlin & Meister during the last decade?