Automeris frankae male

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Automeris frankae male
Beautiful adult male Automeris frankae

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  • 1953lane -

    A big thanks to Bernhard Wenczel who supplied me with the larvae via Actias last year and gave me the wonderful opportunity to rear this amazing species.

  • Papilion 65 -

    Very nice but it is A. Franke.

    • 1953lane -

      Thank you.When I obtained them I was assured it was Automeris maeonia but it was advertised as Automeris maeonia(frankae?).I have just had a reply from another expert who also has said it is in fact frankae.Whatever it is called, I still think it is very beautiful and so far the highlight of my breeding season this year.

  • Schnägge -

    well done :thumbsup:

    • 1953lane -

      Thank you.I have always thought the hemileucinae are the most amazing silkmoths and I really love the larvae.I have been keeping silkmoths for over 50 years but I think this moth is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.I have another 4 cocoons waiting to emerge ......

  • Mario Bruno -


    • 1953lane -

      Thank you.I think it is the most beautiful moth I have ever bred and the larval stage was also very beautiful.