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Marc Fischers World of Silkmoths

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Finding new offers of eggs and cocoons/dolls of tropical butterflies. In addition, high-quality breeding and flight cases are available.

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Pacific Northwest Native Butterflies

Comments 2

  • matthewjcampbell -

    Thank you, Rudi.

    I appreciate your thoughts.

    One of the reasons that I started making frames is that I find endless drawers of museum insect specimens drab and boring.

    My hope is to bring new life to them. From our customer reactions, they are still "in."

    Kind regards,


  • Rudi -

    Hi Matthew,

    I find art objects made of insects or insect parts to the same extent unnecessary, such as an ashtray from elephant foot, or the like.
    I'm sorry.

    The times are over when something was "in" or because of the mass of existing animals was still traceable to a small extent.
    So at least my point of view.

    Best regards