Lobobunaea phaedusa

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Lobobunaea phaedusa
Lobobunaea phaedusa final instar on Salix cinerea

Comments 4

  • Rudi -

    You have now Salix to feed?
    What a great place to life for a butterfly-breeder ;)

    Good luck for the future breedings, Jurgen!


    • Jurgen Vanhoudt -

      over here Salix of good quality and multiple species (caprea, cinerea, alba, viminalis and babylonica) is available until mid december and in mild winters until early January in sheltered spots outside the wind. Very useful this late in the season :)

    • Rudi -

      "Very useful this late in the season"

      You can be sure about that fact ;D

  • Petit Papilio -

    Wonderfull ^^