Lemonia philopalus vazquezi

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Lemonia philopalus vazquezi
Lemonia philopalus vazquezi male from Andalusia, reared ex ovo.

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  • Klaas -

    Hi Rudi, rearing the caterpillars was very time consuming, but I had few losses and I obtained many nice adults. I did nothing special. However you need some luck with Lemonidae. I know that some people find philopalus difficult to breed. It is the same with Lemonia dumi: in my breedings nearly all adults are perfect, but many breeders try for years and they still don't obtain a single nice adult. This year my hatching rate of Lemonia dumi pupae was 100%, last year under the same conditions only 50%.

  • Rudi -

    Hi Klaas,
    is it a difficult breeding?