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Comments 4

  • fanat -

    butterflies in the box temporarily, as they were on sale at the Moscow insect fair

  • Policeman -

    bred or not bred - protected is protected
    russian Material in BUNDESARTENSCHUTZVERORDNUNG listed is protected, too.
    Moth-/butterfly-collection is estethic, not chaotic.
    Sorry for this "Mischgericht".

  • teinopalpus -

    As far as I know there is not pictured any protected species for Russia. Missing labels are problem although I think it is all / except P.nordmanni / bred material. In case of bred material I personally always keep also data about parent female on label as well as foodplant used.

  • Policeman -

    Unetikettiertes und geschütztes Material sollt NICHT eingestellt werden.
    Dies schadet allen vernünftigen Entomologen und solch ein Kasten hat überhaupt KEINEN wissenschaftlichen Wert.
    Schade um die Tiere. Schön aunzuschauen ist er auch nicht.