Proserpinus lucidus - Male

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Proserpinus lucidus - Male
Herkunft: F0, USA, Oregon, ex ovo
Schlupf am 14.1.2020

Heute kam das zweite Männchen. Überwintert bis vor zwei Tagen frostfrei bei annähernd Freilandtemperaturen.
Schlupf nach Hereinnahme und Lagerung bei 10°C innerhalb zwei Tagen.

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  • JHH184 -


  • matthewjcampbell -

    Love the little hearts on their wings.

    • Rudi -

      One question, Matthew.
      When these little guyes fly now also in Oregon, how they can lay eggs and find the foodplant?
      Is there no show at the places on which they are on the wings now?

    • matthewjcampbell -

      The host plant they use is an annual, so only seeds on the frozen ground.

    • Rudi -

      Hm...but now there is winter also!?
      And they on the wing very early, so the question for me is, how they will find the right plant for ovipositing?
      So early in the year no plant is grown up.

    • matthewjcampbell -

      Exactly! They fly in my region in February and March. Usually there is still snow on the ground. There are no plants to see except sage and juniper. Everything else is dormant.

      I think that they just lay eggs on the bare ground. There is a lot that isn't known about this species.

    • sphingidae -

      What is the botanical name von the host plant ?