Holocerina angulata female pupa and male pupa on day 39

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Marc Fischers World of Silkmoths

Ständig neue Angebote von Eiern und Kokons/Puppen tropischer Schmetterlinge.
Darüber hinaus werden qualitativ hochwertige Zucht- und Flugkästen angeboten.

Holocerina angulata female pupa and male pupa on day 39
First female pupa on 14 february, day 39 together with male pupa.The eggs came from Obout Village, Cameroon and were F1. Ligustrum ovalifolium is highly suitable. The caterpillars were raised in well ventilated plastic boxes on a temperature between 23 and 25 °C.They have at least three different colour forms but my caterpillars had only two different ones: a white and black striped form and a completely black form with yellow setae. As the larvae grow, they attach their previous moulted skins onto their hairs, sometimes chaining three or four moults together on their backs. Holocerina caterpillars can sting quite strongly, like Automeris, especially in last instar. They have sharp spines and are venomous. Unlike most of the caterpillars of other members of the Saturniidae they never eat their moulted skin (venomous for themselves ??). The adults have unusual wing shapes, with shades of red and beige. The body has lavender and purple colours.

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  • Saturn -

    Hätte ich astrein als Lasiocampidenpuppe identifiziert...

    Would have identified these as definite Lasiocampidae pupae...