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Finding new offers of eggs and cocoons/dolls of tropical butterflies. In addition, high-quality breeding and flight cases are available.

  • Thanks guys! Ill be sure to tryout an artificial diet of some sort this spring and share my results

  • High school student here, I am planning an experiment with B. Mori. I would like to do the following, but, I am wondering if this is even possible? My Plan: Feed b. mori with: -graphite powder -b-12 vitamins -and some sort of growth hormone I am not sure if they would eat graphite/vitamin coated mulberry leaves? My goal is to try to obtain bigger silkworms with stronger silk, and a longer larval stage. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Jason Ni

  • Other than, that I forgot to address @BartCoppens I, too think cecropia is probably one of the most stressful species I have kept. During my first time with them, pretty much all died during their third instar. I don't have too many good tips at the moment.

  • Thank you all very much, I'll take in the given advice :). I am a bit worried as I have never kept Euryalus, but I think this upcoming summer could work around that! I just found out about a hybrid index of some sort for saturniidae on Bill's site too, I think that will also be some good reference. hybindex.htm Also, should I rear both broods of Euryalus and Cecropia on Lilac? I've tried apple before for Cecropia, and that worked out pretty well. Though I have heard there are good results with c…

  • High School student here, one of my longtime goals of keeping lepidoptera as a hobby is to attempt to cross breed them. Currently I have a couple questions. Can only species in one genus be able to pair with each other, i.e. hyalophora... X hyalophora...? Is there any technique for pairing them? Do pheromones from one species attract the other species in the same genus? Also, if I do get subsequent larvae would they accept the hosts of the parents? I want to attempt this with hyalophora cecropia…

  • Wedding Release Tips

    VinylApples - - Butterflies


    On October the 27th I will be planning a wedding release for a daughter of a friend of my mother's, currently I am in high school and I have never tried anything like this before! I am currently in possession of around 27-30 Vanessa Cardui pupae that I have reared on mallow and am panning to release, What I am concerned of: Will they die in the release box because of exhaustion? Will they not fly out because they aren't warmed up? Do I have to "warm up" the butterflies before the release? If any…

  • Thank you guys very much

  • I recently just got into rearing silk moths this summer, and I really enjoy it. I really would like to expand my knowledge on breeding for the next season, especially hand pairing saturniidae here native to the US. I heard from other sources different moths have different angles of copula or something? Any help/ tips would be appreciated!