Actias selene breeding

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    • Actias selene breeding

      I would be few questions in relation to Actias selene breeding(humidity, temperature), how often and how much water should sprinkle the eggs, caterpillars, pupaes?
      And they like the Prunus laurocerasus plant?
      I'm grateful for all the information :thumbsup:
      Thanks everybody for advance!
      Kind regards
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    • No special requirements usually, a room temperature can be good. I usually don't sprinkle eggs (and never directly on them), I sprinkle cocoons once a week or more if i suspect the air in ther room is too dry (possible in an artificially heated room).
      Prunus laurocerasus can be accepted but with some attention with air circulation, as this plant releases some toxic acid from cut leaves: using a container opened on top should be enough safe.