Acherontia Atropos Larvae.

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    • Acherontia Atropos Larvae.


      I just started getting some larvae to hatch from the A. Atropos eggs i bought a week ago. Right now i got about 6 larvae and im sure i will have 12 by the next 2 days. I currently feed them on Ligustrum japonicum but none seems to have even tried to eat it. There are some markings on the edges of the plant, that seem like they werent there when i firstly cut them, but the markings have a brown outline, which probably means they arent freshly scarred.
      I tried getting the smallest and most tender leaves, in order to avoid losses of starvation, but still none seems to have eaten or pooped.
      I read in, that it takes a while until they will settle and begin to feed, but my cats are almost 1 day old, with the oldest being 1.5 days old and the youngest 10 minutes old.

      Any advice helps.
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