Solitary bees

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    • Solitary bees


      Last year I got a polytunnel for breeding and rearing lepidoptera along with growing plants however I could never get plants pollinated. This year I had the idea of using solitary bees. They seem to work well as they don’t over populate easily, swarm or sting often. Yet finding these insects seem to be rather challenging.

      Anyone who can supply or advise on better ways around this would be greatly appreciated.

      Kind regards

      Colector's Secret
    • Hello Connor,
      pollination under a polytunnel is hardly possible unless you open the tunnel for longer periods during daytime. Putting insects lnto the closed tunnel is no help either because they will die soon,
      especially when exposed to sunshine. This will also happen to caterpillars.
      To attract solitary bees in your neighbourhood you can prepare woodblocks with holes which the bees need to lay their eggs in.