Polyommatus icarus form

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  • Polyommatus icarus form

    Bonjour à tous,

    J'ai trouvé cette forme d'icarus dans une prairie humide
    à coté de chez moi (29-30/06/2018)
    Je pense qu'il s'agit de la forme subobsoleta
    qu'en pensez vous ?
    Merci à tous et à bientot
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  • My French is far from good enough to answer that, so I opt for English (by the way, the languages of this forum are German and English anyway).
    It looks like an aberration of Polyommatus icarus to me. It indeed closely resembles what is described as ab. subobsoleta. If you ask me,
    it is quite questionable to name every aberration and colour variation. I wouldn't focus on that too much, but there are probably different opinions on this topic.

    Greetings Dennis