375 Old entomology books on 2 x DVD £4.95

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    Finding new offers of eggs and cocoons/dolls of tropical butterflies. In addition, high-quality breeding and flight cases are available.

    • 375 Old entomology books on 2 x DVD £4.95

      Some of you may find these intersting. I found a shop on eBay that has 375 old entomology books on 2 x DVD I have purchased these and they are really interesting.

      The seller is rare-books-collections
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        501.57 kB, 1,920×1,200, viewed 62 times
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        144.98 kB, 1,920×1,200, viewed 54 times
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        269.06 kB, 1,920×1,200, viewed 63 times
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        290.33 kB, 1,920×1,200, viewed 48 times
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        273.85 kB, 1,920×1,200, viewed 42 times
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        288.81 kB, 1,920×1,200, viewed 49 times
      We specialise in rare and common butterflies from the Neotropical (Central/South America, Caribbean Islands) and Holarctic regions (North America, Europe, Asia).