Wedding Release Tips

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    • Wedding Release Tips

      On October the 27th I will be planning a wedding release for a daughter of a friend of my mother's, currently I am in high school and I have never tried anything like this before!
      I am currently in possession of around 27-30 Vanessa Cardui pupae that I have reared on mallow and am panning to release,
      What I am concerned of:
      Will they die in the release box because of exhaustion?
      Will they not fly out because they aren't warmed up?
      Do I have to "warm up" the butterflies before the release?
      If anyone has any experience with this kind of thing any help will be much appreciated!!

      Kind Regards,
      Jason Ni
    • Hello,
      if the pupae hatch 3-4 days before the wedding then that should not be a problem.
      Then you can keep them dark in a carton box, they stay calm and do not break their wings.
      You have to feed them, you can take cut oranges in the box
      .That all fly away at the same time is not possible. There is always a couple who need some time more.
      Don't leave the carton too long in the blazing sun. If it is pleasantly warm outside you can do them shortly before in an aerarium or similar. But if it's too cold outside, they'll not fly away.
      When it's time, you open the cage and give a gentle push.

      Good luck