How do you pack caterpillars when selling them

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    • How do you pack caterpillars when selling them

      Hello Actias,
      I'm considering selling some caterpillars to anyone interested, but I'm not sure how I'd pack them for shipping via mail.

      I'm thinking they obviously need air and food, but how about the temperature?
      Also, how would I make sure they get air without being able to escape the container? Is there other ways than waiting until they are bigger?

      I hope you can help a new hobbyist out :) !

      Best regards,
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    • Hi Sus my orders of caterpillars from a leading UK supplier are supplied in a small plastic container with enough food plant of the correct type to last the caterpillars a couple of days. The container didnt have air holes in it as caterpillars need very little air. The container was sent in a cardboard box packed in cotton wool. Hope this helps.

      Best regards Darren
    • Hello Susanne,

      I send my caterpillars when they reach L2 or L3. For this I take a simple cardboard box, which can still be sent as a small parcel. For foreign countries a large letter may be enough. I then simply fill the corresponding fresh food into this box and put the caterpillars in. Then I seal the edges of the package with adhesive tape so that there is no possibility for the caterpillars to escape. This keeps the package airy and prevents condensation from forming. With this simple method I have never had failures. I always send by registered mail. But this is only possible with large letters and package not with parcels. By the way I always pay attention to how hot or cold the weather is. This could lead to losses if it is too cold or too hot. Then better to move the shipping. And pay attention how long are the postal routes. See "Postwegzeiten von Deutschland nach Belgien” under Actias Internes. I sent a 1st parcel to Belgium on 4 October this year and it arrived at the recipient on 31 October this year. A second parcel, which I sent on 9 October, has not arrived yet.

      I hope I've helped you a little with my tips.

      With the best wishes

    • Hello Susanne,
      In addition to my email: the 2nd parcel arrived the recipient yesterday on 8.11.2018. The parcel was 4 weeks on the way from Germany to Belgium. So always pay attention to the travel times of the post office especially for live material.

      Best regards

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