Moths from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan part 1

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Finding new offers of eggs and cocoons/dolls of tropical butterflies. In addition, high-quality breeding and flight cases are available.

  • Moths from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan part 1

    Now it's time to do some order in material collected in 2018. After my visit in Kazakhstan I have some identification troubles with several moths. Maybe someone will have knowledge about these species? All of them were collected in late July and early August 2018 in Tien-Shan Mts and Issyk-Kul region. If it's necessary, I can provide complete data. Many thanks for your help.
    p.s. at the request of admin, the topic is divided into several parts.
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    Macrolepidoptera, Gelechioidea, Psychidae and Tineidae of Europe.
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