Holding males while waiting for female

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    Marc Fischers World of Silkmoths

    Ständig neue Angebote von Eiern und Kokons/Puppen tropischer Schmetterlinge.
    Darüber hinaus werden qualitativ hochwertige Zucht- und Flugkästen angeboten.

    • Holding males while waiting for female

      During last 5 days six Automeris belti zaruma males (Ecuador) have eclosed. There are 4 male and 5 female pupae left and I am hoping for a copulation and eventual eggs. I presently have 3 live males under light while hoping for female soon. Which is best to hold live males while waiting for female: leaving under light at room temperature or placing in the refrigerator crisper. Which keeps males alive and healthy the best for a later successful copulation?
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    • When I tried placing moths in my refrigerator it seemed to permanently sap all the energy from them. Maybe I have it set to cold for there liking. Possibly a wine refrigerator at a higher temperature around 50 degrees or so would be better. It would be interesting to find out what the best temperature to keep moths inactive would be.
    • I have also tried the fridge, I would put a moth in an envelope, pop it in the refrigerator, and I think Michael's experience is similar to
      the times I've tried it.
      My guess would be for each respective species, the coldest a person might be able to keep them would be a cool night's temperature
      from wherever they're native.
      It would be an interesting study.
    • Good Morning.

      I make a difference.

      If I only need to keep animals for a short time, a few days, until I need to get the copula in the flight cage, I usually place them under steady light at temperatures around 15-17 ° C.
      They will be fed every 3 days, if it seems necessary.
      So they stay very vital.

      If I need the imagos much later, I'll put them in a refrigerator set at 10 ° C. This brings their cycle completely on the back burner.
      But you have to be careful, especially in non-feeding species, that of course, the animals still "age" because they live on their fat reserves.

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