A successful copulation?

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    • A successful copulation?

      Question for those who have observed successful copulations in Automeris: Last evening (9 January) at 5:30 pm an Automeris belti female (Ecuador) eclosed in a popup cage where a male was present which had eclosed the previous day. By 6:15 pm they were in copula. Then by 8:00 pm copulation had terminated. I was hoping for egg by morning of 10 January (today) but there were no eggs. What is the usual successful copulation time in this genus? When should egg laying begin following a successful copulation?
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    • Hello Wayne,

      this seems so far absolutely normal to me:
      The duration of the copulation was long enough.
      And the females normally start to lay their eggs beginning the first night after copulation.
      So I'll cross my fingers for you and wish you good luck.

      Best regards, Andreas
      Bin immer auf der Suche nach Automeris-Arten und nehme gerne neben Eiern auch kleinere Stückzahlen von Kokons ab.
      Ebenso suche ich stets interessante leere Kokons aller möglicher Arten.
      Über Einträge in meinem Gästebuch würde ich mich freuen.
    • Hi Wayne,
      automeris copulate briefly, I've missed them doing it, and only noticed the eggs being laid as fertile, when the black
      micropyle became evident.
      I think micropyle is the right term, anyway, it'll be a black dot on the egg, indicating fertility, and I think it shows a few days after the eggs being laid.
    • Hello Wayne,

      Automeris copulate only briefly during the night. Between about 1 to 2 hours. The oviposition usually takes place the next night.

      Good luck Werner
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