Daphnis nerii mating problem

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    • Daphnis nerii mating problem

      Dear breeders, please your experience.

      I have hated 3 couples Daphnis.I want to mate them.
      I do not know why, but the males do not want to.The female attracts the male.

      1/Origin: Slovenia F2
      2/The age is 3 days
      3/cage size 140x140x140 cm
      4/fan, night temperature 24 - 28 ° C, I feed 1x day water + sugar

      Question please?

      What more can I do?
      Maybe they do not want to mate in January, a long night, a short day?

      Thank you for every idea and your experience.You can also email:
      Best regards, and wish a nice day

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    • In my case i had 2 males and 2 females which i kept in a 90-60-60 cage. I cooled down the temperature with the beginning of the night to simulate the night. It where around 19°C. Therefor i opened the Window a bit. That also causes a slow airventilation. I had a kopula on the first day i did that. Around 10/11 PM.

      I dont know, to me it looks like you keep them in your livingroom. So there are unnatural lightsources. Try to keep them in a room without lightsources only moon.

      Hope i this helps

      Kind regards
    • Experienced breeders,
      thank you for your advice and tips.
      A small cage never worked for me.I tried to cover the cage by the canvas and it did not help.
      Maybe 3 females in one cage can be more pheromones?

      So far, experience is that when it comes from Thailand, it is matched within 2 days and no problem.
      Origin from Europe is always a problem. Probably stupid reflection, I do not know.I did not try the open window in the worries of frost.
      I will feed less according to your advice.I'm also feeding nectar for hummingbirds.I noticed that butterflies do not fly much.

      Best regards,Pavel
    • Mine where from Italy, and the mated good as i said. Dont worry about the frost, it wont freez in your house.

      Also be aware of to many females. The males cant follow the pheromones if they are stuck in the room and come from all sides. You could say, they cant find the females. To avoid stuck pheromones you should instal a Ventilator or open the window a bit.
      Mine flew after it was getting dark outside.

    • Please do not laugh about my advice. I made my first experience with atropos and nerii in 1978.
      And while it was difficult to get a mating , I got the advice to add some Sherry (Amontillado ) to the
      honey-water. I do not know, if it was in case of the Sherry but it worked.
      Works for mankind.....why not for lepidoptera . ;)

      I although belive, the cage must not be extralarge. I had pupae from nerii in a little cage, only for
      the hatching . And I had to spend a short time in hospital. My wife looked for the pupae while this time.
      At my last day in hospital my wife told me excited, that the first butterfly of nerii had hatched in the
      Pupae-Cage. I came home and 3 other nerii had appeared. And I had the first mating in this little cage.
      Only 50x40x 40.

      Sounds a little strange but happend this way.
      Best regards Thomas
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