Experimenting with Bombyx Mori

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    • Experimenting with Bombyx Mori

      High school student here, I am planning an experiment with B. Mori.
      I would like to do the following, but, I am wondering if this is even possible? :hilfe:
      My Plan:

      Feed b. mori with:
      -graphite powder
      -b-12 vitamins
      -and some sort of growth hormone

      I am not sure if they would eat graphite/vitamin coated mulberry leaves?
      My goal is to try to obtain bigger silkworms with stronger silk, and a longer larval stage.
      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

      Jason Ni
    • Last year I get some eggs of B. mori.
      In my home I have only a smal tree foodplant.
      I mix some leaves with BEAN-Powder and Multivitamintablets and fix it with water and Agar-Agar.
      May be the mixture was bad/not perfect, so I lost most of the caterpillars.
      1 Female came out of Cocon totally normal.
      If you are interested, please ask in Actias my college "SCHWAMMERL".
      I think he prepare best BEAN-feed at time.
    • Silk is protein fiber, so most likely without genetic engeeniering you will not be able to change it structure. In best case you can allow to offer to the larvae best conditions and diet to let them produce the best silk’s quality they can produce.

      I don’t see any sens in feeding with extra carbon, especially in inorganic form (i.e graphite).

      Most artificial diet contains mix of vitamins from B group.

      And last option - you have to remember that insects’ hormones are extremly expensive for standpoint of private person, also many synthetic ones are used as insecticides.