Southeast Asian butterfly gardens

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    Marc Fischers World of Silkmoths

    Ständig neue Angebote von Eiern und Kokons/Puppen tropischer Schmetterlinge.
    Darüber hinaus werden qualitativ hochwertige Zucht- und Flugkästen angeboten.

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      There is the Siam Insect Zoo in Mae Rim, about 10km north of Chiang Mai. There you will not see only butterflies and other insects but other Arthropoda too. There is a butterfly garden, an insects zoo, a café and a shop. If you like such a garden then you should visit it.

      And if you go in direction of South Thailand, you can stop in Wah Khor, about 15 km south of Prachuap Khiri Khan. There is a scientific park with a wonderful aquarium and a little butterfly garden too besides some other scientific attractions. Go there if you are interested in all such things, only for the butterfly garden a stop is not worth it.

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