Pairings of Poplar hawk moth

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    • Pairings of Poplar hawk moth


      I don’t know why, but males of poplar hawk moth sometimes do not want to mate with females for some reason. And often moths hatch at different times, and they have to wait for a partner. So my question is how long can a female wait for a male to lay fertilized eggs? If she is already waiting for the male for the fourth or fifth day, does she still have chances to pair successfully or is it too late?
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    • Yes, after four or five days she is still capable of mating and producing eggs but it depends on how much energy she has used up in the meantime? If she has been flying around a lot and using up her body fat then she will be too weak by that time, but if she has just been hanging on the netting then she might last longer. Some species of moth don't mate because they are related and need to be hung out to attract a fresh unrelated male! Poplar Hawkmoths are tougher and stronger than most moths that don't feed and can last up to a week before they are no longer viable for mating or laying eggs, but really you need to find a male within a couple of days of a female hatching! Regards,Alan