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    I had this Actias luna caterpillar doing fine up until it became a pupa.
    I could see it inside the cocoon for a few days wiggling around and I thought it was alright.
    I opened it up because I wanted to sex it and then I flip it over and there's feet. It's still alive too, which is really unsettling, but it will probably die.
    This wouldn't be the first time that I've had some deformed pupae happen to me.
    I also attached a photo of a monarch chrysalis I once had that became really deformed, I would see inside of it and it was also alive.
    Maybe it's natural, but I want to know why this happens, is it something I did?

    Hello there,
    I was wondering if Blue Morphos or Caligo Memnon would be able to use plants from the Strelitziaceae family as a host plant.
    If not do you know any caterpillars that do use birds of paradise as a food plant?
    Thank you,

    I know you posted this over a month ago, any news?
    I've found that if I give their abdomen a little wiggle and it's flexible it's still good but if it's stiff and hard that they are dried up and dead.

    Hello everyone,
    I have both male and female of the species but they won't seem to mate.
    I've tried hand pairing before and have had success in the past with my Attacus lorquini moths, but I've tried multiple times for quite awhile with these two and can't seem to do it. I've put them in a nice humid room with good heat and tried to leave them alone to do it on their own and nothing either. The male just won't open up his claspers, even after I've dipped the females abdomens to his antennae to excite him with her pheromones.
    Is there any advice someone would be able to give me? Is there something I am missing?
    Thank you,

    Hello there I have a question about raising Attacus Lorquini cocoons.
    I have several cocoons at the moment that I'm waiting for to enclose, and was wondering what's the best way to keep them.
    I've tried looking around online a lot as well as here on this site but haven't found too much information.
    At the moment the cocoons have a little cut running down them because I wanted them to be sexed male or female from the seller when they were sent. I have read that you have to be careful how its cut or the moth can damage itself on the way out. So maybe it's fine and I should leave it in here but maybe I need to take it out?
    I know the pupa don't necessarily need its cocoon to live but I have also read that it helps them regulate temperature and what not. Also if it's just the pupa they might have trouble getting out of there because they use the cocoons to help them squeeze/crawl out.
    So basically what's the best way that I should care for them. Also the best environment to keep them and how often to mist them?
    The only moth I raised before this was a cecropia moth which I just left inside its cocoon naturally without cutting or anything and she emerged fine so sorry if my questions seem a bit silly but I just want to make sure I give them the very best chance.
    Right now all of my pupa are still alive and I've attached a photo so you can see what they generally all look like.