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    Can someone inform me more about if there is a maximum temperature that certain catterpillars and butterflies can endure?
    There have been quite hot summers. My greenhouse is always hotter. Like today 35 degrees Celsius, but that could increase to 40 or over depending om what the outside temperature does.

    Last year I was away for two weeks and my friend took all the caterpillars and pupae indoors as my green house was over 40.

    I have already taken the Aglias Io pupae indoors for now, but the Vanessa Cardiu and Papilio Machaon caterpillars are still in the greenhouse at day temperatures of 35. Not in any direct sunlight until later in the day.

    I am raising them to help the national butterfly population, as it’s not been going well, so I want to try my best to raise as many as possible, without them dying for whatever reason, like heat.

    Thanks in advance! ^^

    Hi, I am new here, from The Netherlands and am looking for eggs of some butterflies that used to frequent my country alot, but nowadays less and less so.
    I hope to contribute to the population by breeding some of them.

    Looking for:
    Tagpfauenauge (Inachis io)
    Kleiner Fuchs (Aglais urticae)
    Landkärtchen (Araschnia levana)

    If anybody has some eggs for sale, I'd love to hear! Thanks! :D