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    Hello everyone,

    I live in Canada and a lot of moth species here have fast hatch times of only 1 week or so. However I know some people from Europe or the United states who would like some species available here and it would be far more reliable to send them as eggs than to raise them here and send pupae. I've been looking at express international shipping yet they all seem to cost about $100 for the envelopes. Does anybody who has experience shipping these species have any tips on which companies or options to go with?



    nevermind I read the question wrong. Sorry. But they should still eat it even if it has a different smell. Just as long as it is within the same genus of plants that the original eucalyptus is in.

    It depends on what species you have. I dont think many will eat it. I know most of the australian ones will and I believe some argema species might as well though I am not 100% sure.

    Hello everyone, I just posted an offer for virginia ctenucha eggs and was wondering if anyone could help me find the development time for the eggs so I know if they will survive shipping long distances. It would also be helpful if anyone could confirm that its the first time its been offered. I searched it up in living offers and found nothing so I'm assuming it is.

    Hello everyone,

    I currently have a freshly emerged female of Holocerina angulata and I also have a Male that is in very rough shape. The male would not be able to pair on his own so I was wondering if it would be possible to handpair them. Any info on handpairing this species would be helpful including the angle they usually pair at naturally. I need these two to pair as they are the only two I have.

    Ok, so i guess my promethea eggs are unfertilized but they still have the brown spot on them that fertilized eggs have.

    Also, will male moths stay by the females until morning even when separated by a mesh, and do female moths lay Infertile eggs if they dont mate after a few days?

    Sorry for the late reply, but all of my moths were outside for winter and spring so that they would have the same emergence as the wild ones. On top of that my wild male cecropia emerged as well so I dont think timing is a problem.

    Hello everyone,
    I live in Ontario, Canada and have just had some female moths emerge. One is Actias luna and the other is callosamia promethea. I put them outside to attract some wild males to pair with but nothing has come for a few days. I am quite confused as a few years ago I had a female cecropia and around 10 males came in one night and were still there in the morning. If anyone has any info on this or something else that could clear things up it would be greatly appreciated. I know that it is not timing as the species are native and were outside as cocoons and I know that it is not location as I found a wild luna moth very close to my house.

    thank very much. I have a friend who has a lot of honeysuckle so I was thinking that since they are I the same family as snowberry it might work. Do you think it will?

    Hello everyone, I had overwintering eggs of Hemileuca nuttalli and they have now hatched. The problem is that they hatched a few weeks early and i have nothing to feed them. I was originally planning to feed them snowberry but that only has leaf buds right now. I have read that they also eat many plants in the gooseberry and currant family (Ribes). If I were to cut a small stem of snowberry with buds would they eat the buds, and would they also eat currant berries if I got them at a grocery store? I'm really worried about these as they were quite expensive and i was really looking forward to raising them.

    Recently I have been seeing a lot of people posting pictures or offers of saturniidae from close to my area. I am in Ontario, Canada and these pictures were from Quebec. I am getting a bit worried as our climates are basically the same so the pupae should emerge at the same time but the trees here have not even started to make leaves yet here. I'm worried that mine will emerge and I will have nothing to feed them. If anyone can tell me what the emergence time revolves around it would be helpful. Does it revolve around temperature, development time, or when the foodplants are available?
    Alessio Zuccolo

    I completely agree with you on this, I would consider myself a purist as well. As for species that would survive in Europe, I would say every saturniidae from Canada would along with most from the states if you were to release them in southern Europe. But quite a few would also need their foodplant introduced as well.

    Hello everyone, I was just thinking what would happen if a porch pirate decided to steal your moth eggs or pupae when they arrived. If this has happened to anyone and would like to share please do. It's just been on my mind lately for some reason.

    Don't worry, you are actually just in time. It looks like the first caterpillar will emerge tonight, which is a bit later than i expected but probably because of the current temperature. I will try that, thanks for the tip. i will let you know how it goes.

    it is soursop. Should I give them the outside or inside of the peel as the outside looks very thick especially for 1st instar caterpillars. U wasn't really ready to raise these as I got the eggs at a butterfly conservatory. They just destroy the eggs when they find them so I took them myself to raise them. Unfortunately out of all the butterflies I could have picked u picked the only one that I didnt have access to the foodplant.