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    hallo, ich habe zwei deilephila porcellus aus freier Wildbahn,

    sie haben sich verpaart und sind in einem nachtkäfig,

    für futter ist gesorgt und die wertpflanze ist auch da.

    nur das Weibchen will keine Eier legen,

    wo liegt das Problem?

    hello, I have two deilephila porcellus from the wild,

    they have mated and are in a night cage,

    food is provided and the value plant is also there.

    only the female does not want to lay eggs,

    what is the problem?

    Hello Actias members..

    Coming spring i'm again night hunting (light) for several hawk moths.

    I have caught several species of hawk moths using the lights,

    other than using the lights i want to try and use a ''lure cage'' to attract the males.

    Does any one have some ideas for making or buying a good night lure cage.

    I have an idea (see the drawing) photo 1

    Open to suggestions, ideas and drawings or photos...

    What works for you?

    P.s other photos are made this year.

    Night catching using lights.