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    Has anyone here bred, or know someone that has bred, species in the family Sematuriidae? I am especially interested in whether anyone has bred Coronidia species or Sematura species.



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    I have asked Bart Coppens about this, and it appears that one of the reasons is because the male and female would need a massive cage for them to pair.

    like 5 ft. by 5 ft.

    So for some reason, they need a ton of space to get a viable pairing.

    I also tried to obtain a few eggs from Ascaphala odorata, a very common species in central america.

    According to my experience the main problem is that it is very hard to get the female to lay some eggs.

    There is not many people who breed Ascalpha, and only just a few years ago was the caterpillar of T. agrippina discovered, so you can get a sense for how crazy it would be if someone had. I have several frieds who have had Ascalpha pupae that they found in the wild, but I do not believe anyone I know has had a successful hatching or breeding. The Noctuidae are quite challenging to breed and rear; I would suggest starting with Saturniidae if you have never reared moths before.

    Sometime ago, a seller, who frequented Actias and Insectnet, was taking preorders for Urania livestock.

    He was eviscerated by a number of individuals who wrote at length about the virtual impossibility of raising/breeding

    the ripheus he was advertising. Perhaps other Urania can be bred in captivity, but obtaining livestock is going

    to be an issue, especially in the USA.

    Yes, but I was wondering if hybrids ever occur in the wild/in captivity, or if they could occur.

    I wish you luck.

    What kind of native species do you raise?

    I have been trying to raise the Phoebis spp. Sulphurs but I can’t find any sellers.

    Right now I have Cecropia, Polyphemus, Luna, and 2 cocoons that I do not know the species of

    Yeah, I really like them too. Their beautiful.

    I applied for a import permit to USA in September, so hopefully that will come soon. I would recommend trying to get a permit as well because there are many more sellers you can buy from that might species. The only other option I see is depending on which state you live in, I know in Texas, there are wild Chrysiridia spp.

    Maybe you could try finding eggs maybe? I don’t know, they are pretty rare.

    Well, the permit would be a viable option, except that I am not 18, so there is not much of a chance with that. In Texas, there is the occasional migrant Urania fulgens, but I am not in Texas, or Florida, where they also occasionally pop up. I also can't really convince my parents to let me get a permit, or to have them get a permit in my name, as they are strong believers in just sticking with the native species, which are cool, but are not Uraniidae.

    Here is a website that sometimes offers the species you look for among other tropicals. He ships to the US.

    I have had some trouble with shipping, though.

    He has Alcides species? I have gone on there before, and he does not sell deadstock of them either. Probably won't buy from him anytime soon, as the UK is on Tier 4 lockdown, so shipping would be slow, and the animals might die in the process.


    I am wondering how you obtained these species in the US? Do you know somewhere I could get them?

    I don’t know to much Uraniidae. Sorry I couldn’t help more.


    Like I said, I don't have those species, I was just curious.

    Has anyone ever managed to create Uraniidae hybrids, or do they occur in the wild? I of course am not planning on breeding any Uraniidae, as they are hard to get ahold of, but I was curious. Could Alcides metaurus hybridize with Alcides latona in captivity, or could Alcides metaurus and Alcides agathyrsus hybridize in the wild, where their range overlaps? Or, could Chrysiridia croesus and Chrysiridia ripheus hybridize in captivity? Please let me know if you have any experience and/or knowledge relating to this.