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    I would like to appreologize to everyone that I didnt react fast on Yours repies, we had a death in the family and my mind was somewhere else. Sorry to everyone, wont happen again. Wish You all nice rest of the weekend

    Thank you very much Andy, Im definitely interested in the pdf files and will contact you by the email

    Your experience may vary. Some Saturniidae are difficult to pair, what works for one breeder may not work for you,

    for the most part, Lepidoptera in general are fairly similar.

    I try to keep genus together, it all depends on how much space you have, I also try to keep natives separate from


    Thank you very much, Im a beginner and would like to try local species first

    hi there, I have experience with daily butterflies, from moths I succesfully bred Daphnes nerii and Acherontia atropos. I want to get into Saturniidae and have few questions. Is their breeding more difficult than Sphyngidae? Which species would You advice me to get? Im looking for a challenging project and I want some really outstanding Saturnids as they will be also probably in my collection which Im trying to set. Should I focuse on Saturniidae from one region and trying to complete it or would You advice me to do worldwide? Id like to have order in my things, so I think genus after genus or so, any tips are extremely appreciated aswell as tips for the species. You can share Your own experiences, as a beginner with this family Im opened to Yours suggestions. Thank You very much, last question would be probably recommendation of some good books on Saturniidae. Have a nice evening and thank You all for help

    hi, from daily butterflies I decided to try Papilionidae and of moths, I like Saturniidae. I'm looking for catching tips, is there any bait trap, that works well or how do You often collect these species in field please? Another question comes to collection itself, I'd like to know about some interesting Saturnid genuses lets say some from Europe and some interesting Asian or South American species of these moths. I have also breeding question, but ill create separated thread. Thanks to everyone willing to help in advance:)

    hi, I'd like to pick papilionidae genus or two with enough subspecies to have a nice collection. I might save for an exotic trip, but will be also buying ebay and another online auctions mainly. I wonder, which genus You guys collect, I'd like some nice to pick, so will be happy if You suggest few, criteria is that I dont want to pay 100 euro for every single specie, so lets say some middle priced. As for which I like I enjoy most and would like either South America, south east asia or eventually Africa. Maybe pinpoint few outstanding genus of each continent. Much appreciate Your help:)

    hi, I want to start collecting Lycaenidae, but its huge, too many species. Could You point me out some outstanding genus, sp. Which I might focuse on? I will mainly collect Armenia, Georgia, Post Soviet republics, Russia eventually I could add Iran, China. So basically Palaearktic region. I will be very greatfull for Your oppinions, experiences and help. Thanks to everyone willing to help me out.:)

    hi, I want to start a Cerambycidae collection, focused on some attractive subfamily. Which of them do You guys most attractive, interesting. Im asking for inspiration. I would like to have both palearktic and tropical species. Any good guidance and help is extremely appreciated.

    hi guys, I found only breeding books, but is there are there any studies from entomological perspective? Detailed on a biology and other stuff? I didnt have luck at my local ento store. Thank you for info, maybe You could recommend some books:)

    hi guys, I'm about to purschase this species, two pairs. Please, could You advice me how to care the nymphs. Is there any youtube channel focused on mantis? I will be greatfull for any source of information. Thanks again and have a nice day (I'm interested in everything concerning the care of ghost mantis):)

    hi guys, I bought 10 specimen of Acherontia atropos and I need to help with its care. Most important for me are the possibilities of feeding them, as an example, do they accept the nectar which is usually for hummingbirds or loris. I know best would be hand feeding, but is there some youtuber focused on care of Sphingidae? I need to learn a lot, and Im in search of good books aswell as otther sources, as I mentioned above, I think youtube might help me a lot. Also mating, some of them are freshly hatched and I dont want to make mistakes with a bad care, so any help is highly appreciated. When it comes to books, what would You suggedt? I know only about dAbrera book, but are there any other worth it literature? I wanted to buy more species, but decided meanwhile focuse just on the Acherontia, so experienced entomologists here might help me with a good books or studies. I have the moths right now in a flexarium without plant, which is on the way, but wonder, would be one ligustrum just ok, what else do I need as for a succesfull breeding? Excuse my bad English please, not my first language. I would highly appreciate any kind of help from experienced Sphingidae breeders. Thank You all and have a nice weekend.:)