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    Any update of the cocoons Kevin? I was able to get a pairing but for some reason the copulation only lasted 30 mins. Treating the eggs as fertile but concerned. I had the same hatching response as our friend, females hatching early and males taking their time. Was excited to to complete the cycle but I guess we will see.

    Nice, the open ended lime green cocoons is something I have been looking forward too. I just saw one spinning today so after 2 months of worrying they are starting. I also have one that is half the size of the others for reasons I don't know. Its eating fine just not growing.

    It seemed like their first instar was really difficult and some would just not make it even after eating, I wonder if it is humidity or heat but its not surprising that everybody was having this issue. Would like to know how their setup was to figure out the issue.

    The hardest part for Dubernardi was having a male and female eclose around the same time. I have found the males without a female become panicky and will exhaust them selves by flying around and die with in 5 days while females being less panicky usually last up to a week. If you can get a pair to come out at the same time, they are not tricky to pair.

    Good to hear about the ceanothus, I wasn't aware they could eat that. Haven't tried lilac with a species but I hear it is pretty popular. Unfortunately all the nurseries around me use chemicals and would have to specially order it which would take too much time.

    Yes I did get a email for the death heads moth. Its a species I have wanted to raise for awhile but at the moment have way to many caterpillars that it would be pushing it. Maybe when the species I'm raising start spinning I might be lucky to find one. I started to guess we had the same seller when we both had a rarer species hatching at the same time and both in the US. Its nice to know for the future if we both pick up the same species and can trade what works and doesn't. Did you pick up dubernardi recently too?

    What is would you recommend for spinning caterpillars? The few batches I have raised before I would let them spin in the pine branches but recently I have seen many people say moss is the best option. I have seen cases where caterpillars in the moss have not spun a cocoon and would just pupate instead. What issues have you had either way, I have some L5s the should be due by this weekend.

    Still don't see alot of frass but I did see one munching on a oak leaf and on a sweetgum leaf when I swapped out plants, so at least some are eating. I do see some are bunching up together on leafs which I am sure is a good sign. I'm gonna wait 3/4 days before doing a good search of the leafs for signs of eating. What temperature are you keeping yours at

    I don't know when they were laid, I figured the seller was selling them as recently laid. I have sent a message to him to find out. the only information I have found is that they have to go through diapause but length is never reported.