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    Diapause - Thai race - autumn generation can be in diapause, Indonesian race - without diapause - continuous breeding.

    Foodplant - atlas is fairly polyphagous, but privet and lilac, best as combined food are the best. I have nov more that 50 Indonesian caterpillars in L5, they weight 30 - 32 gramm and just started spin cocoons.

    Seems that I have my half stock from Poland from the same source, and everything is O.K. when paired with Slovak line.
    How many pairings You have? It don´t seems that it is problem of genetics.

    I think that with pairing of members of different families (rothschildia x eupackardia) You can´t be succesfull. The genetic differences are much bigger than in pairing between members from same genus.
    Members of the same genus will have much more similiar genitals and feromones, so they are "compatible" for handpairing. This is the main reason why You can´t meet these hibrids in free nature :smiling_face:

    Hello Jevgenij,
    Sometimes it can become due to poor nutrition quality of foodplant used for breeding. Just now I have one of my dubernardi females the same as You described - abdomen without eggs - only 1 (!) inside. I used not good food - Picea pungens - and caterpillars needed about 2 months for full development. Now I am using for fresh generation qualitz Pinus nigra and thez grow like from water :smiling_face:
    But it is only my theory, that hungry body use nutriens first for body development and then for genitals development.

    Of course I am thinking the same :smiling_face: But It is only few days, I stil keep them ... for sure :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face:
    But they are from very different genus.

    Seems that males of Actias luna takes all what has female signs :grinning_squinting_face:
    In last days I put one alone atlas female and Actias luna male into one cage and forgot for them for half day ..
    Next morning I found them in copula. Copula lasted regular 23 hours.
    I have now some eggs, and I am very interested what happens!

    My caterpillars starts spinning their cocoons
    Very funny breeding, no losses. I breed them in big glass terrarium, food was chnged every two days.
    They was at room temperature on Prunus domestica syriaca
    Caterpillars are known as singing or squeaking caterpillars - here is small video why that name :grinning_squinting_face:


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    I NEVER spray directly the eggs.
    I am using petri dishes and regarding the selene eggs - they will hatch even If You forget them in laying cage :smiling_face:
    But If You wish, You can spray UPPER lid of container where You keep the eggs

    mating of almost all A.selene races is very brief and occurs
    mostly in early morning hours. So have "observed" pairing is quite
    Sometimes my selene take pairing on second night. Very important - don´t disturb them.
    So most safety answer is - keep all the eggs for incubation period (10 - 15 days dep.on temperature)

    Hi Valentin,
    I am rearing many pailio machaon every year. Many caterpillars stay on the wet paper towels and transform into good pupae without deformity.
    I think that best what You can do is leave the prepupa where it is.
    Prepupa need some , but not too high humidity - and - very important - calm place without disturbing.
    Good luck