Attacus lemairei (F) X Attacus lorquinii (M)

  • Hello members,

    It's my common experience that my Attacus lemairei (f) has been attracted and mated with Attacus lorquinii (m)
    from the wild. Their copulation usually lasts for 18 to 20 hours, but their ova failed to hatch. One time,
    I sent a batch of 100 pcs. hybrid eggs to my good German friend working in Switzerland as gift. He conducted
    a laboratory analysis and he found out that the eggs were fertile but unable to hatch.

    Now, I have some new cross-paired again. Can you give me some hints or factors to consider in order
    to get a hybrid of A. lemairei and A. lorquinii?

    Looking forward for your feedback.



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