Acherontia atropos

  • Hi Friends

    I have obtained eggs (in three seperate stages) from a wild collected A.atropos since the first week of October.

    The first batch consisted of around 25eggs hatched and I have larvae feeding well.

    At first feeding the moth with honey solution was resisted resulting in no feeding at all.

    A second batch of eggs was laid but these where infertile.

    Feeding was accepted on the sixt day.

    Having it revive and sleeved over lantana camara it has started laying eggs(which I was in dought if they will hatch).This third batch is hatching and larvae are feeding.

    In the past years I have experianced A.atropos pairing more than once during their life time but can not explain the infertile eggs laid (as second batch)

    Did any one have same experiance and how can this happen?



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