Help with butterflies of Ghana

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    • Help with butterflies of Ghana

      Hello, first of all, I want to appologize. I must create the thread in English, because I know only basics of German. My question comes to butterflies of Ghana mainly, eventually Togo and Benin yet. I would like to know on which tribes to focused most there, in a way of collecting - which species are worth it there? Has anyone experience from West Africa? Im concidering Charaxes, Papilionidae eventually (are there some outstanding species? My question is aswell way of collecting, respectively baits how to attract these butterflies, Iv heard Papilionidae with urine, but are there yet some other ooptions? Basically to summarize it
      1. What would you focuse to collect and which strategy would you choose.
      2. Any good literature about African Charaxes, Papilionidae or butterflies in general?
      3. When is a good time to travel there, I would like to travel in November
      4. As Im a beginner, I would like to know about nessessary equipment. I bought telescopic 156cm net (isnt it too long?) Net average is 50cm (too wide?)
      Some question may sound silly, but Im here for help, I was in Ghana many times, but this will be first collecting trip
      Many thanks to everyone who is willing to help me out, Ill really appreciate it and excuse my grammer
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