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  • Hi Michael

    You didn't mention for how long your G.maia have been pupae yet. I had some pupae for at least three years until they decided to emerge. And of course, no way to get a pair together! Every now and then a male, three weeks later another one and when I put them into the refrigerator it took two months or at least until the male's death before a female appeared... Even though I had a nice number of pupae, they didn't give me a single chance. Over all, as far as I know, this is a very typical behaviour of many African silkmoths. On the other hand it guarantees that inbred is avoided. Out there in the nature there are many houndreds or even thousands of pupae from many different bloodlines. There's a huge chance to have both sexes on the wings at the same time.

    My experience with Africa silkmoths is this: If they emerge few weeks or months after pupating all of them will appear quite simultaneously within a few weeks. If they don't hatch after this short time you have to wait - and to hope...

    Well, I hope I could help you - if not consolate, though - with this little statement.

    Best regards


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