Guidelines for identification queries

  • Dear ACTIAS members,

    we want to establish some simple rules for idenfication queries. They serve for your queries being answered quick and easy.

    A) Posting identification queries

    1) Necessary information
    Location, date. This data is mandatory. It's even possible, that only this information makes it possible to identify your specimen. Description like "in the garden" is not an information about the locality!

    2) Optional information
    Type of biotope, altitude, size of the specimen.

    3) Number of Specimen to identify
    For getting clear identification and if necessary clear and well-structured discussions about an identifation, we limit the number to three specimen per query (please number the pictures). If you have more specimen for identifcation, just post several queries. Furthermore, no new specimen should be added to an old query, please post a new one.

    B) Responding to queries

    1) No unnecessary answers
    If a specimen is identified certainly, please refrain from approving this in further answers.

    2) No speculations
    If you are not sure about your identification, please respond only, if the query is unanswered for a longer time or the species/genus is difficult to identify and label your speculation as such.

    3) Identification criteria
    Ideally, for diffcult species/genera you give the criteria on which your identification is based because this may be very informative and interesting for some readers.

    Kind regards and thank you,
    Your ACTIAS-Team

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